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As Zero Emission Hybrid Integration Institute family;

We regard our commitment to engineering and metal as a harmonic union of our love to the sea; and blending this commitment with the experiences that we have gained over the years, we have started our journey with the aim of supporting and becoming partners with the sustainability of natural life.

We see the natural resources in their purest forms and we set sight on taking them from themselves and recycling them back into their initial state. With this regard, we have aimed at minimizing the carbon emission values of manufactured technologies. We distinguished and selected the ones with whom we felt emotional intimacy and sharing, and by interpreting them as separate series we presented them to the nature’s taste.


Technology of the future with Zero Emission


Make hybrid technology accessible to everyone

We are developing hybrid technology for the future!

Osman Turgut Yazıcı, the son of Kemal Yazıcı, who founded Anadolu Group, a world brand, entered his active business life as General Manager at Efes Pilsen after his overseas training. Leading the automotive sector of the Anadolu Group in the following years, Osman Yazıcı showed himself not only in the management department but also in his kitchen.

The professional industrialist Yazıcı, who is a project person who is very open to the world of technology such as hi-tech and innovation, made his first breakthrough in the field of boat hybridization and founded the Zero Emission Institute.

Zero Emission, which has been successful after years of R&D is targeting to put its mark in the world as the Hybrid Center of Turkey.

Hybrid and Electric Component Partners