Parallel Hybrid Integration

Led by the view of Zero Emission Hybrid Integration Institute SELECTION SERIES, our second conversion project Moontazzam II (118 feet) is a more smoothed stand of the sharp look of Bait 124.

The smoothness in the lines of Moontazzam II bands together with a sharper look and the two electric motors in 200 kwh and V drive hybride transmission system enable us to obtain more efficient inner volumes. By means of the enhanced balcony areas, the sailing and sea comfort has been brought to forefront. The solar panel areas are at the maximum level as it is in Bait 124, and it is capable of operating telescopically. It has a 68 square meter solar panel area and it charges the battery groups by 12 kwh energy.

Tekne Ebatı : 24,66m x 6.5m

Tahrik Sistemi : V DRIVE PERVANE

Paralel Hybrid

Dizel Motor Gücü : 2×1400 HP.

Dizel Motor Markası : DETROIT

Dizel Motor Devri : 2300 RPM.

Elektrikli Motor Gücü : 2×150 KW

Elektrikli Motor Markası : TM4

Elektrikli Motor Devri : 2300RPM.

345 V DC

Şarj Cihazı Gücü : 1×126 KW

Şarj Cihazı Markası : Eltek


Jenaratör Gücü : 1×270 KW

Jeneratör Markası : Volvo Penta