Parallel Hybrid Integration

Nihavent was manufactured in 1998 as 70 feet wooden boat created in the form of gullet. It is driven by 280 hp diesel engine. By use of this engine, it has ability to cruise at a speed of maximum 8.5 sea miles per hour at 1100 rpm. The yacht was equipped with electric hybrid application in parallel with a diesel engine by Zero Emission Institute. The information and application plan regarding these operations are additionally explained below.


Tekne Ebatı : 20,2 m x 5,9m

Tahrik Sistemi : Pervane

Paralel Hybrid

Dizel Motor Gücü : 1×260 HP.

Dizel Motor Markası : CAT

Dizel Motor Devri : 2100 RPM.

Elektrikli Motor Gücü : 1×80 KW

Elektrikli Motor Markası : Fisher Panda

Elektrikli Motor Devri : 1800 RPM.

365 V DC

Akü Kapasitesi : 1×100 KWH

Akü Markası : Valence


Şarj Cihazı Gücü : 1×45 KW

Şarj Cihazı Markası : Eltek


Jenaratör Gücü : 1×45 KW

Jeneratör Markası : Fisher Panda